Bulletproof Fashion

Colombian designer Miguel Caballero makes what is probably the world's safest haute couture: his clothings are bullet-proof! To keep his customers safe, Miguel has made bulletproof jackets, polo shirts, and yes, even underwears ...

Miguel Caballero slides open a box of 9mm bullets. “Choose one,” he says to his employee Lizeth Castaneda. He points his revolver at Castaneda's abdomen and fires. Seconds later, his victim giggles with relief...

Caballero, 41, dresses presidents, government officials and their bodyguards, as well as businesspeople and celebrities, in discrete and stylish blazers, leather jackets and tuxedo shirts that can stop bullets shot from pistols and Mini Uzis


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Dinotastic.

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Uh, I call b.s. both on the concept and the illustration (i.e., shooting reluctant "victim" at distance of about two feet). Seefish3 is on to something. A 9mm bullet packs a hell of a punch. That it may not penetrate your body because of bulletproof garb is one thing; however, all that kinetic energy has to go somewhere. In reality, this poor girl would be lying on her back with the stuffing knocked out of her and a tremendous bruise, not saying "Phew! Ha ha!"
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I may be showing my ignorance, but I'm having some trouble with the physics involved here.

Vests are a rigid, planar surface that form fits to the body. If you're talking about a blazer that drapes, wouldn't the kinetic energy of a bullet compress the space between you and the jacket with painful results?

I mean, if you beat a suspended carpet, it doesn't just absorb the force without moving.

Sounds fishy to me...
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"Bulletproof Fashion"

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