10 Uncanny Ultramodern Houses You Wish You Could Afford

Well, the market has fallen out from under everyone but it is still nice to dream, right? And who knows, with housing prices plummeting maybe you too will be able to afford one of these awesomely luxurious modern house designs. Part of what makes them so great is the variety of ways in which they take the limitations of a given site and turn them into incredible design opportunities.

Many designers must content themselves with imagining and drawing things that may never be built - very few can realize ultramodern home visions in the real world. Like a blast from the future, these ten architects have brought to life incredible houses that most of us could not even dream of - let alone afford.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Urbanist.

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I hate modern houses, there is no way to get comfortable in them or feel cozy. Give me a small cottage with low cielings and a nice fireplace. Where would you feel best with a hot cup of cocoa and a blizzard outside?
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Call me oldfashioned, but all of these modern houses lack life in them. They all seem so sterile with way to white or gray, straight walls, to much glass that take away any privacy or on the other hand to little glass that take away any natural light in the rooms. And even if wood is used, it is done in such a way that that wood is stripped of its naturality. Like if you would have to wear white gloves and anti-dust coveralls and a mouth-protector. The accoustics in nthese houses is very tiring with all the echo in it, so it would drive me mad. And then on all these pictures I see a somewhat sterile interior that reminds me of modern office-buildings- Is there anyone living in these houses, or are they just showrooms for fancy interior-designers that themselves live in some cosy place, like a cosy trailer next to the fancy house...?
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Great looking stuff! They should film the next Bond movie in one of those houses.

As an aside, though, I went to art school and I hate all that phony "art-speak" about "creating tension with its environment". Fine artists are as bad as politicians for obscurant language that covers up the fact that they're full of crap.
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