Bose Ads by Nirmalya Chakraborty

Nirmalya Chakraborty created a series of fantastic print ads for Bose, featuring many of their sound equipments to create faces of famous musicians: Link | More at La pubelle blog

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I used to work for Bose, I maintain that they are some of the finest speakers I've heard. Of course once in a Blue Moon we'd have a dyed in the fold audiophile come through that would argue for hours about frequencies that although barely perceptible to a human ear were deal breakers to them if the system couldn't deliver within a 3 point spectrum. The company however has changed, they've stopped caring about their customers or employees and have started trying to foist crap on people who don't need it. They will actively try to sell you a lifestyle system with "accessories" but never tell you that the 1,000 dollars on top was unecessary. It's crap like that that drove the best salesmen from the company a few years ago.
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Bose speakers sound good but are horribly expensive.

There are cheaper alternatives out there that sound just as good (and some even better).

If you really want to get Bose speakers, that's your perogative; I just want you to know that there is a wealth of choices out there.

Enough said.
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