10 Real Life Mad Scientists

Throughout history there have been a few lost souls who have taken the beauty of science and instead of honoring it, twisted it and contorted it into something evil.  

Science, we are informed by conscientious historians of the discipline, is something that comes to us without anything we might call a “moral imperative” as to what we should or should not be doing with the knowledge. In fact, science has often been described as an “amoral” enterprise, which can be put to evil uses just as easily as good ones. Scientists themselves bear no responsibility to ensure how their discoveries are used by others.

But what if the scientist himself is a diabolical mad man?

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Re: Sergei Brukhonenko #4

"The most famous of those were his experiments with the severed heads of dogs. One of which was able to eat a piece of cheese for the audience"

Y'know that part in Animal House where they all cover up swearing with a cough ?

Well, I'm doing that now...

C'mon. How the hell could he do that ?!?
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Am I the only one to catch this little fact? Or did I read this wrong?
Sigmund Rascher was Executed by Himmler for pretending to Extend their Fertility into their 50's by buying kidnapped babies.
But yet Himmler had no problem with the Sigmund's killing people in their portable Pressure Chamber.
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"10 Real Life Mad Scientists"

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