130-year-old Woman?

Sakhan Dosova of Karaganda in northern Kazakhstan has documents that say she will celebrate her 130th birthday on Friday. Census officials discovered that her documents all agree that her birthdate is March 27, 1879. Records show she was on the books as 47 years old when a census was taken under the Stalinist regime in 1926.
Nailya Dosayeva, head of social and demographical department of Karaganga regional statistics bureau, said there is no doubt that her claim is authentic.

'Sakhan Dosova was found during our census held in February and March. She has an old passport and documents which are genuine, and based on these we can judge her age as being correct.'

The local mayor Islam Togaybayev went to visit her 'to personally congratulate her on such an achievement and show his respect', said his spokesman.

Other officials are not so sure.
Some Kazakh bureaucrats want more checks to be done to ascertain the accuracy of her claim, pointing out that birth records in Kazakhstan in the 19th century are notoriously unreliable.

'We can see that this is turning into a big story and for the sake of our country, we need to be sure her claim is correct,' said one official.

According to one version of her life, she must have given birth to several children over the age of 60, he said.

'There is no doubt she is very old. But is she really 130? Or was there a white lie long ago which was never corrected? We need to find out.'

Dosova attributes her longevity to a sense of humor. Link -via Unique Daily

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What makes so many of you think she's just been sitting around all these years! Considering where she's from, she hasn't been sitting around idle and eating junk food and has worked hard all her life. My grandmother who was from Russia died at the age of 98 from an infection from an ingrown toenail and had to have her leg amputated which killed her. Her doctors said she had veins of a 16 year old. She had a shot of whiskey every night that she claimed kept her veins clear.
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When it comes to these people living that long and through god knows how many wars revolutions etc its a triumph or its a lie either way even if shes just 90 hell she still survived. now as far as your brain deminishes over time no. as you age you get complacent and have no desire to learn esp when your in the same job for 30 years why should you. but those people who keep learning are those with great minds yet may be old. its all realitive truthfully. no one even knows why we need sleep i mean come on theoretically we should be able to stay awake constantly but yet we can't our brains can't handle it. our bodies each do something strange yet not even science completely understands.
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