Beheaded Teen Witch Gets Proper Funeral...700 Years Later

The remains of a 14th century teenager, believed to have been beheaded on charges of witchcraft and buried in unconsecrated ground, has been laid to rest in a proper funeral...700 years after her death.

The girl, named Holly by archaeologists because her remains were found beneath a holly bush, had had her head laid at her side, a sign that she might have been suspected of witchcraft.

Dr Paul Wilkinson, director of the Kent Archaeological Field School, said the decapitation - which it was believed would deny eternal life - meant Holly was 'shamed' and was either a teenage witch, a criminal or had committed suicide.

A crowd of more than 200 mourners - who had responded to an appeal to give the suspected witch a respectable funeral - gathered to pay their respects to a teenager whose identity remains a mystery.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Pirate Jenny.

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idk, this sounds like that vampire they found not long ago. sad for the girl tho. it would be awesome if she came back to get her revenge. it would show all those ppl right!!
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To be fair, ted, while I would have to agree that they are making a big deal out of this find in order to further their own interests, the form of burial does suggest that this woman was scarin' the bejesus out of someone.
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I dunno, JohnnyCat. Are you sure there's not a little newt still left in you?

They named her Holly after the bush they found her under? Good thing they didn't find her under some St John's Wort.

To assume she was a witch is just fanciful guesswork. Seems like they're using her body to further their own interests - like Gordon Wagner's rant.
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