You Know Who's Born on Pi Day? Einstein.

Like Miss Cellania posted earlier, today is Pi Day. But did you know that someone really famous was also born on this day? It's only fitting that today is also the birthday of Albert Einstein (born March 14, 1879).

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@Lukman, I ever read Rohedi's pi number 6112640680/1945713959 at leave comment mathblog but I forgot the name of blog. He called his Pi approximation as "Pi Bumi Pertiwi Indonesia" because the number 1945 at denominator coincedentally with the year of his nation independency Indonesia.
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Denaya, you know there are two famous rational numbers for Pi approximation, i.e 22/7 from Archimedes and 355/113 from chinese. My question, what rational number for Pi approximation according to your father Mr.Rohedi.
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Hi All, recently when visiting to the post link of Rohedi's pi exact formula always displays "no input file specified. So Denaya Lesa thinks to invite you visit directly to My father Mr.Rohedi and me repost the number pi formula and its related topic at the leave comment of all articles. For example why pi is irrational number can be found at leave comment of smart solver ODE at While the number pi formula can be found at leave comment's article of Bernoulli integral on Thanks for your attention.
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Okay @Nina, Nadya Fermega and all, please click this link: Maybe smart formula for finding circumference and area of a circle from daddy Rohedi will be usuful for you.
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@Nadya Fermega and @Nina, refer to Einstein's relativity m=m0/sqrt(1-(v/c)^2), so when mr.Einstein was tasked to create the number Pi, Denaya believes he used Pi Formula that corresponds to one of form his relativity theory that is Pi=2*integral of dy/sqrt(1-y^2) with the lower and upper limits of integral 0 and 1. In other word mr.Einstein would create number Pi using single arcsine function that is Pi=2*arsin(1), meanwhile shown at the above links, the Newest Pi Exact Formula from Rohedi is in the form of sum two arcsine functions. Again, according to Rohedi's Pi Formula, the lower of integral limit a=0 corresponds to the zero length one of side a right angle of triangle, therefore the Einstein's Pi formula is slowly to converg.
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