World's Largest Crossword Puzzle

The city of Lvov in the Ukraine is home to the world's largest crossword puzzle.

Clues to the crossword are scattered around the city's major landmarks and attractions including parks, fountains, and theatres.

Although the crossword – which is 19 squares across and 34 squares high – is far too big to be filled in by hand, the artists responsible have come up with an intriguing way of displaying the answers.

When night falls, fluorescent letters placed inside every square are turned on, revealing the complete solution in a light glow


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Frau.

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Wow. Howabout that neato building? You don't see that everyday.

When I submitted this - I was going to submit the original article that was in ykpa?'hcbka MO'Ba - but thought about how others probably would not be able to read it. So I searched for an English version of it.

And my post - I just have a simple English version keyboard. So I already know that some of my letters and diacritical marks for ykpa?'hcbka MO'Ba - are incorrect.
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thanks "secret asian man" for making that point. no one says "the canada" or "the france". saying "the ukraine" implies that it's part of another country, ie the soviet union which no longer exists.
and another thing: Lvov is actually spelled Lviv by ukrainians. Lvov is the russian spelling.
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A minor nit:

Ukranians now like their country to be called "Ukraine" without the article, as the old form has some nasty Stalinist associations.
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