Man Retaking Secondary School Exams ... For the 44th Time!

OK, so some of your friends (or maybe you) have flunked a grade at some point or took a little longer than you planned with college but ... 44 years? Vegetable stand or no, it is hard to imagine being so busy with work that you simply cannot study enough to pass secondary school exams. But one man has had precisely this problem:

A 65 year-old-man from Kanpur city in India is taking his secondary school exams for the 44th time, hoping this time he'll finally pass. Undeterred by 43 years of trying without success, Mian Jabbar Husen is determined to make yet another attempt.

Hayley Platt reports in this Reuters video clip: Link

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Dog Droppings, I completely agree with you. I've been to different english-speaking school systems and in the British one the kids in 6th grade were seriously learning the stuff people do in 12th grade. There was some AP stuff in there too, which freaked me out a bit that those kids had to wrap their brains around that. I imagine India would be like that too, if not harsher.

And the reason why people learn so fast is because these things are introduced as a child while the brain is still developing. It's hard to pick up a different language after a certain age, and likewise it is difficult to learn these things at a certain age.
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Passing 7th grade in most countries is harder than 12th grade in the U.S.A.

I'd be willing to bet that a "secondary" certificate there, is more like an associates degree here.
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