Logo Fight: Re/Max vs. Rehava

Do the two logos look similar to you? They do, according to the trademark attorneys of Re/Max, a national real estate franchise. They're challenging the trademark application of a real estate startup Rehava, which has a new commission structure that is different than the established culture:

Adam Scoville, Re/Max's legal counsel, said he can explain.

First of all, both names start with "r" and have logos with accent lines near the letter "e," he said.

"It goes beyond that," Scoville added. "If you chop the top off of the 'h,' you (almost) have the 'm' in Re/Max. The next letter is an 'a,' and if you take the 'v' then you have half of an 'x.' "

Steve deGuzman, Rehava's broker-in-charge, said he doesn't buy it. He said the trademark challenge is harassment and a form of corporate bullying that will cost his firm thousands of dollars.

"It's a huge distraction, particularly for a startup and also in this kind of a market," deGuzman said.

He suspects the Colorado-based franchise is challenging the trademarkbecause of Rehava's controversial commission rebates, which some in the industry see as a threat to traditional compensation standards.

http://www.charleston.net/news/2009/mar/07/its_big_guy_vs_little_guy74198/ - via reddit

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Wait! Let me guess! This is a test for the next "Reality Show!" Right?

Please allow me to encourage ALL to focus on the true business at hand. We should be consulting with buyers and sellers. Find ways to help those sellers out there who are hurting and scared. For many homeowners, right now there is panic,stress,and chaos on every hand. Use your money and time to do good and to do something that will have a positive impact on others.
Show the public that we are a classy group of professionals vs. REALTORS Gone Wild!
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"Plus, and I don't know if you noticed it your honor because they were pretty sneaky with this one, but their logo also uses letters from the Roman alphabet. Just like ours! Basically, this can all be settled if they switch over to Cyrillic, or better yet Chinese characters."
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I like the argument "If you chop the top off of the ‘h,’ you (almost) have the ‘m’ in Re/Max."

So what your saying is if you change their logo it makes it look like your logo.. yah, if I take all the letters and change them to other letters like magic it says something different. WOW, just wow.
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