Beaver Welcomes You To Canada

This video is really cute. Make sure you watch the whole thing and don't forget to turn the sound up loud enough to hear the conversation. If only this little guy really came out to welcome me to Canada, I would be there daily.

Link Via Yes But No But Yes

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Well- At least I try in a language that is not native to me. You think this is about winning this argument, then I assume you must be a young North-American... What's next- Some bashing up? :-D

Still- poor beaver....
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Obviously you're unable to even write a cogent, grammatically correct sentence stating your case, let alone stick with your original absurd argument. You loose. goodbye.
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@Blake- Truly intelligent humans realise that they cannot do without the whole ecosystem with all its plants and animals, that not having respect for those animals is ultimately destroying us humans as well, therefore that humans are not all that more worth than plants and animals and that it is us humans who can both destroy and save the world, but that as we speak, we humans are rapidly utterly ruining our planet.
So I pity you for your utter ignorance in that you cannot think of this, that you are not able to rise above ordinary dirt-throwing and I hope you'll come to sence before you choke in your vomit. :-)
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Dearest Foreigner,

Excuse me, sorry, I just vomited a little in my mouth. No we don't call you treehuggers, we call you blithering imbeciles. If you genuinely hold the insipidly childish, idiotic belief that "every lifeform deserves an equal amount of respect", please do us all an enormous favor the next time you get an infection, and forgo taking the antibiotics prescribed to you so that you remove yourself from the gene pool as quickly as possible. Intelligent humans everywhere will thank you. You wouldn't want to kill those poor innocent bacteria now would you.
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I'm terribly sorry Ted and Blake, but I'm -I guess you would call us a "treehugger"?- that believes that any life has equal value if only because we're all part of this earth and/or this creation. I believe that every lifeform deserves an equal amount of respect. I am convinced that we humans have the responsability to care for the wellbeing of the lives of all the other animals, especially when it is our technology that puts those animals in danger. In my view we humans have that responsability because we have the brains to do so and because we have brought that life-endangering technology in this world in such a way that most of the other animals cannot cope anymore.

So speaking from that standpoint- I think I have a rather strong point when I doubt it is me who is missing the appropriate intellect, Blake...
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