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Excessive Ping Pong Score Celebration
Footballers do it, soccer players do it, so why not celebrate your score in ping pong? Here's Adam Bobrow's take on how to excessively celebrate in ping pong (don't miss the score at the end of the clip)


Metal Grandma
Think that heavy metal is only for the young? This grandma is waaay more metal than anyone else in this concert. Go Nana!


What Happens to Stuff Left in a Foreclosed House?
Someone has to clean up after homeowners were evicted from their foreclosed houses... and given the current economic situation, business is booming for the "trash out crew." Link

Is this the Face of the Young Leonardo da Vinci?
When Italian science journalist Piero Angela was looking through da Vinci's work, he noticed an image of a nose - upon closer look, it may just be the face of a young Leonardo.


How many camels fit in a Subaru?
The answer, apparently, is at least two!

Count for yourself: Link

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All are pretty funny, except the trash-out one. It's sad when you loose everything you have - no matter what the reason. That said learn to live within your means or well below so that you can save something and don't end up trying to tell your kids why you have to leave your life behind...
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There are no official portraits of Leonardo DaVinci, so until now nobody knew what he looked like.
Dutch illustrator Siegfried Woldhek studied all Leonardos artwork and claims to have found 3 self-portraits. It's very convincing.
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oh, how horrible! the homeowners were not prudent in taking on a loan they could never afford and now some horrible meany banker is throwing their stuff away. jeez, will it never end? my wife and i bought our house in 2004.....we bought what we could afford. i am NOT paying for those that bought above their means.....wreck their credit, hit them in the pocketbook but somehow make them ACCOUNTABLE. i am accountable for myself, not the neighbor. wake up, america.....use your head!!!!!! arrrrgh! (howard dean soundbite)
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