Twitter Throughout History

What if microblogging platform Twitter had been available in the distant past? Sharinator has a sample of Twitter feeds from an ape-man, a caveman, Julius Caesar, and Hitler, plus on from the future! Link -via Digg

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Does "caveman" imply "evolution" or even "atheism"?

Must be hard keeping those blinders on your kids every time dinosaurs or other religions are mentioned on the internet.
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I see nothing on Neatorama that says we were monkeys. You actually have to click to another website, where there is a joke...a Joke...about "Apeman" making hilarious fun of Twitter. If your kids can't handle thoughts like that, keep em on and if you really want to "equip them for the world" you should ensure a breadth and depth of learning.
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@MommaBear, while I don't agree with your religious beliefs (I'm a Buddhist myself; *shrug* to teach his own), but I do like how you explained your reasoning. I don't agree with that as well, but I can certainly see your point. They aren't college or high school students; they can't handle controversy and balancing the pros and cons of an issue.
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not everyone on the internet is an atheist Darwinist. Some sensitivity is all I'm asking. My children who view this usually fun and harmless site are not prepared to fully handle the secular assault on out beliefs. Hopefully I can equip them for the world by the time the go to college
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