Chance of Getting a Tapeworm

Just thinking about a tapeworm gives me the shivers. What are your chances of getting a tapeworm? Take the quiz! The questions will make it rather obvious what the risk factors are. -via the Presurfer

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Johnny Cat, I've thought about getting a tapeworm, too. But then I'd have to carry it around all the time. And it would eat all my food! And it might not like living in my stomach either. It'll complain about the smell of stomach acid and, er, other stuff.
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This is so retarded, I bet my chances are close to 0%. It was pretty obvious which are the right answers, and i always wash my hands, don't eat raw meat, never eat fish, etc. But I happen to live in a developing country, so it suddenly jumps to 22%. Screw you, shitty quiz, I'm probably cleaner than most people in America, and surely waaay cleaner than most europeans.
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It's almost complete bullshit, because too simplistic.

For example: it doesn't ask you how often you eat meat.

I like my beef meat medium rare, and enjoy time to time raw beef meat (tartare or carpaccio). If carefully chosen, or in a proper restaurant, the chance to get a tapeworm is extremely close to 0 in developed countries (at least, in western Europe). Pork is a more serious issue, it has to be eaten well cooked. Anyway, raw pork is disgusting.

Anyway, tapeworm infestation is very rare in developed countries, and is very easy to cure.
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