45-cent Kindle Stand

John from J-Walk Blog was frustrated because his Kindle electronic reader needed to be propped up so he could read while eating. He could've spend $27.95 for a Kindle stand, but his wife handed him a 45-cent metal bookend. With a little bending, he fashioned the perfect stand to hold his Kindle. He also notes that metal bookends now cost almost a dollar. Link

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Why make your own contraption or lug around some piece of hardware bigger than your Kindle? The Kindle 2 is minimalist beauty and there is only one accessory that matches that. I found the Cyncronix Kindle Stand on Amazon that stays on the Kindle all the time, folded flat when you don't need it and folded out when you need the Kindle to stand at just the right angle. I love it, it's thin, flat, and light, and you notice it only when you need it!
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Norm Jenson , ok, but what about the savings in distribution, transportation etc? Profit margins in the book industry seem less than transparent. And yeah, buying a Kindle and then saving on the stand is a little puzzling. With 360 bucks you can get yourself a wheelbarrow of excelent books.
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@SenorMysterioso : paperbacks don't cost $6 of course, but much more.

nonetheless, what everyone seem to miss with this kindle thing, is that when all literature will be digital used books won't exist anymore. This big part of our life as readers (especially, but not only, its beginnings) won't exist anymore.
Everything, no matter how old and how little read or cared for, will cost exactly like new. Demo-dictatorship of digital life if you will. Of course, there will be piracy for the reader with no money. But piracy is supposedly illegal where a decent exchange of used books isn't.
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