The Impeachment and Trial of John F. Kennedy

I'm a big fan of the genre of fiction known as alternate history. That's why I'm excited about a new novel by Harry Turtledove and Bryce Zabel called Winter of Our Discontent: The Impeachment and Trial of John F. Kennedy.

The point of divergence is that a Secret Service agent spotted the glint off of Oswald's rifle seconds before he fired. Kennedy survived November 22, 1963. Whether or not he would survive scandals that would rock his administration would not be so certain.

You can read the first chapter of the novel here, and the articles of impeachment here.

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I love Harry Turtledove, this seems like one of his more interesting books. My favs by him are the Worldwar and Colonization series, Guns of the South, and Counting Up, Counting Down.
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Maybe I am misreading this but I think the last update to this book was in 2007. I think they may have stopped writing it. If so, I am a little mad at myself for reading the first chapter because I am totally interested now.
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"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"

What a bunch of nonsense.

You would never hear a Libertarian spew such trash.

Ask your country to justify itself every minute of every day. Ask any government to justify itself every day. I ask any government "what can you do for me, or anyone else" If you can't do anything us, then who are you doing it for? Why are you here? (I already know who you are doing it to)
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Harry T is great! I've read almost everything he's written and he's written a LOT. This is the FOURTH book that's come out in the past month, I believe.

He almost writes them faster than I can read them. I always if it's a team of writers. Or maybe he sold his soul to the devil.

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