Cancer-sniffing Dog Saves Owner's Life

Maureen Burns in Rugby, England has a 10-year-old mixed breed collie named Max who probably saved her life.  Max started actingly strangely, sniffing his owner's breath and rubbing against her right breast. 

Mrs. Burns discovered a lump but it did not show up on a hospital mammogram.  She convinced doctors to do a biopsy and sure enough, the tumor was malignant. 

She's had surgery to remove the lump, followed by radiation treatment, and her prognosis is excellent. Mrs. Burns is convinced that she is alive today because of her dog's keen sense of smell.

"It was his peculiar reaction that alerted me to the fact that something was wrong. At first I thought he was just getting old, he was not so playful and his eyes were sad. He'd sniff my breath in an odd way -- I even asked my husband Roger if I had halitosis."

-- Maureen Burns

Link - via arbroath

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this bitch comes from an amazing breed. just look at its warm and healthy coat. she is sure to win best in show. Look, she can do tricks too... why right now she's wear a pair of glasses.
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Dogs are amazing prognosticators and sniffers of things undetectable to our lowly senses. Ever heard of seizure sniffing dogs? Seems impossible, but they can detect a seizure moments before it strikes an unsuspecting human.
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Count me crazy(or is it angry?), because I agree with Mad Max. Dogs can be trained to detect cancer, but they haven't got xray vision. Not yet, anyway.
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I'm having difficulties understanding the link between cancer and a certain body odor. How would breast cancer somehow give off a certain smell? And how the hell would the dog know that it was her breast that was cause of the smell? I'm thinking that this was just a coincedence.
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