Water-Loving Cat

Cats hate water, right? Well, the old stereotype doesn't seem to apply to USA Today Pet Talk columnist Sharon Peter's Grisabella. Meet the cat that LOVES to play in water!

The old "cats hate water" stereotype may be true much of the time (especially at forced-bath time), but mine isn't the only feline in America that seeks out moments of wetness, I now know (having investigated this matter in hopes of learning she is so rare that starring roles in pet movies, or at least cat food commercials, might be possible).

There's a breed called the Turkish Van that loves water, and many of them are avid swimmers; lots of owners of Bengals (the cat, not the tiger) report that their felines are water babies, too. And, I learned, you can even find cats-swimming videos on YouTube, action footage that proves it's not just pedigreed cats that enjoy the occasional dip.


And sure enough: there are a lot of swimming cats on YouTube

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45 yars ago we had an ally cat that would get in the tub whenever there was water in it unless we were very careful make sure he wasn't in the bathroom. He would play with the stream of water as the tub was filling. He truly loved water.
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A good friend of mine has a cat
("trashcan-breed", as we dutch would call it)
that DEMANDS a cold shower dayly, some days even more than once..
She just starts screaming in the bathroom till you put the shower on her.

The first time I saw, I got to do it myself, and it took me a bit of convincing before I opened the tap..

very unnatural to do, but she loves it...
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HA! i was really excited to read this article. i have a bengal cat myself and she is definitely a "water baby". she sleeps in sinks, she jumps in bathtubs, she plays in toilets, she drinks out of leaky faucets... if we had something for her to swim in she would be the first one in! funny to see that it is common behavior for that breed! i never knew.
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