The Cemetery of No

The Linden Hill United Methodist Cemetery, located between Bushwick, Brooklyn and Ridgewood, Queens, take themselves very seriously. They've got strict rules regulating ... well, everything!

It seems that about the only thing you can do at the cemetery is be dead. Oh, wait - they've probably got a rule against that too.

Link - via jwz

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Yes, Melissa. As a teen, our favorite party spot was this 19th century cemetery (remember, they always lie in e's) with creepy headstones and totally private.

And, yes..The Cemetery of No would be a great title for a book.
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Those don't strike me as preemptive rules as much as reactionary rules. I bet there's more to the situation at that cemetary than meets the eye.

Maybe it's like the cemetary in France where Jim Morrison buried, and they have to have a bunch of extra rules and security in place to keep things safe and respectful as possible for the other folks interred there? I googled and didn't see anyone famous buried there, but it could be someone of a more local signifigance or even just someone with a rowdy set of personal mourners.

Or maybe the cemetary as a whole has become a bit of a hotbed for seedy activity? I've seen it happen in my area that cemetarys are sometimes popular spots for folks (mostly teens) to get up to some mischief. Especially old ones. Less recent burials means less mourners, and more privacy for the miscreants. The same for out of the way graveyards, ones with high fences, etc. Plus, just the spookiness of it being a cemetary, tends to add to the privacy factor. Not a lot of folks just minding their own business are going to stumble across you doing what you shouldn't be when you're doing it in a cemetary at night. Maybe this cemetary has become a hot spot for sex,drugs, partying, vandalism, and the like?
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Why are there barbed wire electric fences, armed guards, and surveillance cameras around graveyards? Because people are dieing to get in there.
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