Among many other construction projects, Dubai is developing plans for a theme park called Dubailand which (if completed) will be twice the size of Walt Disney World! It will feature City of Arabia with the biggest mall in the world (and dinosaurs), Sports City with four huge arenas, the second-highest ferris wheel in the world, and the Snow Dome. See more pictures, and more odd theme parks, in the post World's Strangest Theme Parks. Link

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You can't build a Vegas without the booze, gambling and sex and expect to survive. Why else are people going to suffer such hostile weather if they can't drink their way to being broke and infected with an STD?
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Sentiment in the comments above is correct, Dubai will not survive this recession.. not because of strict laws, but simply because they have built the worlds largest and most glamorous ghost town.

My friend, a construction engineer had a job lined up and was ready to transport his family and possessions over before Christmas. They contacted him just in time to tell him that there was no longer any job for him - he's now going to Australia instead.
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However, Dubai is where Halliburton moved their world headquarters to, from Houston. Which means that they pay no US income tax on all of the no bid cost plus contracts they have been awarded in Iraq, in Aghanistan, and other locations.
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