Back to the Future Alternate Ending

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What would have happened at the end of the movie Back to the Future if Doc had overshot his target while traveling into the future? -via Unique Daily

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Ted, to your first point about the ship having to be 50 yard above the Earth in the future, that occurred to me when I was producing the video. Actually however, it's not necessarily an issue. The Enterprise would only have to be in the relative same position as where the Lyon Estates were in Earth's orbit at the point of time travel, not literally in the same position as the estates themselves. Plus if you consider the rotation of the solar system through our galaxy, and then the expansion of the Universe, it actually becomes far more likely that the Deloran appears in empty space than in the Earth's atmosphere at all! (At least assuming the literal interpretation of how the Delorean is said to not move through space as it time-travels).

As for your second point, well yes the car probably shouldn't be able to punch through the hull of the Enterprise. But...fact is I don't consider these as being flaws at all. My video is a joke, not a physics lesson. If I tried to account for these in the production of my video, I wouldn't have been able to make it at all, let alone make it funny. Indeed the humor lies in the very absurdity of the whole scenario. Eliminate the absurdity and I'd be sitting at about 30 views instead of over 100,000 and counting.
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The only flaw is that when they travel through time in Back to the Future, they always end up in the same location they started. So, in order for this to work, the Enterprise would have to be hovering about 50(?!) feet above the future Lyon Estates neighbourhood. The Enterprise was never designed to go that low in the atmosphere.

As well, even with shields down, surely a Delorean going 88 MPH wouldn't be able to punch a hole all the way through a spaceship.
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Hey there, I'm the guy that made the clip. You're right, all the BTTF clips are actually from the beginning of the second movie, but after I thought about it I decided the mash-up would be funnier if I called it an alternate ending to the first film. The Star Trek clips are from Star Trek VI (the torpedo hitting the ship and the interior explosions) and Star Trek III (the ship exterior explosions).
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That was actually the beginning to Back to the Future II (Elizabeth Shue wasn't in the first one,) so technically it would be an alternate beginning? It would have been a pretty short movie though....
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Geeky is not just knowing which movies the Enterprise clips were taken from, but also knowing that Christopher Lloyd played the Klingon bad guy in one of those movies, "Star Trek III". Kirk destroyed the Enterprise rather than let ole Doc Brown have it.
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