Sleep researchers at the University of Toledo, Ohio, reported the first case of someone using the Internet while asleep.  A 44-year-old woman had gone to bed about 10 p.m., then got up a few hours later, logged on to her computer with her username and password, and composed three e-mails to friends inviting them over for drinks. She only found out about it when they called the next day to accept.

Her e-mails contained a mix of upper- and lowercase characters, were badly formatted and contained odd expressions.  One read: "Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out.  Dinner and drinks, 4 pm.  Bring wine and caviar only."  Another e-mail said only: "What the ..."


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Marilyn Terrell.

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I don't find it all that remarkable, since entering logins/passwords has become so ingrained in most of us it's a reflex more than a conscious decision.

Although, I shudder at the thought of firing off a few choice words to my boss some night after a particularly crappy day being subjugated by The Man.
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I think this is more like a close cousin to "drunk booty calls" than a fascinating new discovery of sleep e-mailing.
Who hasn't made tragic phone calls/texts/e-mails that they'd rather blame on their subconscious!
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