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Dan Meth ranked some popular trilogy based movies based on enjoyment.  His rankings seem fairly accurate.  Do you agree?

I know other movie geeks are going to have disagreements and that’s fine. And yes, I know some of these movies went more than 3 sequels, but none were ever meant to.

These are rated purely on my enjoyment level on each film and nothing else. Frankly I’m surprised by how many sequels were better than the original. And I’m not surprised that the 3rd movie is never the best.

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I agree with virtually everything except the Alien trilogy. I actually think the third one was the best of the trilogy for its depiction of an unforgiving and hostile nature in the game of predator versus prey. I feel that the alien story best ends on a sad and depressing note rather than on a happy "the day is won and now we sleep" note.
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Within the trilogies, I believe they got them right (I do disagree with the Star Wars rating though). However, the comparison between trilogies is a bit off. Terminator 2 compared to Lord of the Rings or the Star Wars trilogy?

I'm not sure how Jaws 2 or 3 mad it into consideration. :)
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Aside from some minor nit picking (I thought Die Hard 3 was the best of the three), I agreed with his opinion for most of these trilogies.

My biggest beef was his dig at the matrix 2 and 3. Sure they aren't nearly as good as the first one, but I felt they still offered some great entertainment.

Also, out of all the Indiana Jones movies, I liked the third one the best. We can all just pretend it stopped there ok? :)
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