The Michael Jackson Coffee Scale

Okay, this is bad - but bad in a funny way. Mr Daz blog has created a sure-fire way of solving the age old problem at offices worldwide: how to get the perfect order of coffee for your officemates!

In a busy office environment it’s often better if one person makes a round of drinks for everyone, that way you don’t all leave your desk at the same time and the work flow isn’t interrupted too much. However, it’s difficult when making tea and coffee for five or more people when you have to do them all differently, sugar/no sugar, white/black, various degrees of milk. This is why I’ve come up with the Michael Jackson coffee scale. It’s simple and easy to understand, as everyone knows who Michael Jackson is, and what colour he was at different stages in his career.

For example, if you want a black coffee you ask for a 1968 Jacko, if you want it really milky you ask for a 2002 Jacko. If you like a splash of milk, you ask for a 1984 Jacko.

You can download the guide here: Link - via About:Blank

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I agree that there is nothing racist about this. Just because it highlights a born black man's changing skin color doesn't mean that it's in any way making some sort of racist statement. And it's funny to boot.
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Riimz, the keyboard is not your cell phone, so you don't have to type like you're texting. Vowels are there, not to make the written word more difficult, but to keep you from looking like an idiot.

Not racist, either. It is not making fun of an ethnic group, but an individual who has chemically altered his skin color. Don't be so touchy and a little more thick skinned (gee, can I say the skin word w/o getting in trouble? I was talking about thickness, not color here) and we'll all be able to get along much better.

Unfounded allegations of racism aside, the real thing here that is sad/unfortunate is not the man's changing skin color, but the plastic surgery mess that is is face and the train-wreck that is his life & career.
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Haha! This is really freaking funny! Almost as funny as the "Obama Bucks" you know the ones modeled after food stamps with the picture of the then Sen. Obama with fried chicken and watermelon that got some poor non-offensive meaning Republican womans group in Orange County, CA in the news during the election. Thank goodness we reside in a country where we can all take a joke, and a free speech means that our lame attempts at humor don't go unnoticed. Good job, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! Hardyharhar!
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I don't think it's racist at all, it's just looking at the skin colour of an individual, not a whole ethnic group. I wouldn't even concider MJ part of any ethnic group anymore. Also all that stuff about his skin condition is a load of panty waste.
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