The Horned Helmet

Dark Roasted Blend has a really neat post about some of the strangest medieval suit of armors ever made. This one is the the Armet of Henry VIII or better known as the Horned Helmet, made by Austrian goldsmith Konrad Seusenhofer as part of armor presented by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I to King of England Henry VIII in 1514 - via Royal Armouries

If you're wondering why the glasses, it's because Henry VIII was near-sighted.


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Oh, Byrd Brain, that is a good one...hahaha...

you know, in England, every family owns at least one or two sets of dentures, but here in the U.S. I have never met anyone who owns a pair..I hear that in ancient times, it was so, but ....well, I believe in the U.K. it is mandatory.

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Polx, you are so funny. Please keep bringing us your comedic misconceptions and uninformed assumptions about what we in the US do, because they are hilarious.

I once went to a museum about people with really bad teeth. It was quite strange to be around that sort of thing. Maybe not so for those of you in the UK, where you are around that sort of thing all the time, but...
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It seems odd to me to imagine a place without guns, and I've lived in or visited a few countries scattered throughout North and South America so far. We've got about eight firearms in the house right now, safely locked away in a secure gun safe, and most of them are shotguns used for bird hunting and skeet-shooting, but it only seems natural for me to not feel ill at ease with them as long as they are being used properly and safely.
Then again, not everyone lives in the same state I do that houses a town with mandatory gun ownership written into their by-laws.
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I asked my daughter about this. She's six and apart from in Leeds Armoury she's never seen a gun.

My eleven year old son's seen a shotgun at a country fair, and remembers seeing a French policeman with a pistol on his hip, and that's it. He's /made/ more dangerous weaponry than he's seen.
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