Micropayments Rears Its Ugly Head ... Again!

Rex Sorgatz of Fimoculous wrote an interesting post about that on-again, off-again idea of micropayments (when the economy is bad and ad revenues are down, proponents of micropayments pop up like mushrooms after a rainy day).

Whether you agree with him or not, some of the things he proposed are intriguing:

And here's how it works...

1) When you click a link to a story -- from Google, from a blog, from NYTimes.com, from whatever -- the article appears as it normally does, except the Subscription Center lightbox appears over it, with the text opaquely visible in the background.

2) You are given a few options to quickly choose from: pay for the single article or buy a weekly/monthly pass.

3) If you already have an account (and if you're a NYTimes.com user, you do), clicking "Buy" will cause the lightbox to disappear. You can begin reading the story. Instantly.

4) You will not be charged for anything until you accumulate $5 of charges. At that point, you will be asked to enter your credit card or PayPal information, if you haven't already.


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What a great way to keep people from using your site. Information has within it, an ultimate destiny to become free, and anyone who charges for it is an endangered species. VERY few things are worth paying for online. MAYBE the wsj for some people or anthroporn for the addict, but not news services.
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I wonder how many of those people opposing micropayments are using EZ-Pass, iTunes Store, iPhone App Store, or any Pay-per-view. There are tons of ways they are already making micropayment revenues off you, they just aren't called "micropayment", and they are most likely not books or written articles.
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I can go back 9 years and find invoices never paid by online retailers no longer in business. I remember the Marketing Presentations well, lots of free food in the conference rooms. It was a bad idea then and a bad idea today. History does repeat itself and no one ever learns.
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"Micropayments Rears Its Ugly Head ... Again!"

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