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Juggling with Bowling Ball
Remember the Chinlone video we posted on Neatorama a while ago? Well, that ain' nothing compared to this rhythmic gymnast juggling with a bowling ball!

I kid: that's not a bowling ball, but it sure does look like one! Link

Dog Hates the Happy Birthday Song!
Dave the Wonder Dog is a half black lab, half border colli and all crazy. It has a strange musical trigger: if you sing the Happy Birthday Song, be prepared to deal with a dog gone berserk ...


Physics Fun: Jell-O + Electricity = FIRE!
Can you make Jell-O electrically conductive? Sure you can, if you make it out of alcohol. Here's what you get when you tase a Jell-O:

Link (Includes the phrase "electrically active Jell-O mound" that is PURE WIN)

Cell Phone Reunion
When Bluetooth, cell phones, car phone and the Blackberry teams up, the iPhone gets what he deserves ...

From the geniuses over at CollegeHumor: Link (NSFW language - the ending makes it all worth the wait)

The Crazy PS3 Kid Banned From Playing PS3
That PS3 is like crack for little kids - here's a Norwegian kid giving an Oscar-worthy performance when he got banned from playing his Playstation.

His range of emotion is amazing! Christian Bale, watch out! Link

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i'm not looking for a fight here, but this trend of videotaping your child and posting it to the net is somehow dubious to me... isn't it exploitative? I know it's sort of funny to watch, but I feel guilty. that kid would not put on that performance for all of us, so where do the folks get off recording it and editing it and disseminating it? I think that there will be some big screw up and it'll get out-lawed -it came pretty close with that 'kid on drugs' thing that went around a week ago... or maybe it's just an observation of the decay of ethics as we 'socialize' without being in hands reach of those with whom we are 'socializing' - there's no responsibility to your own kids, they are 'entertainment' devices - any child advocates out there seen any studies on this behavior? again, not looking to argue here, just to learn.
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the (dad?) said "i thiink your addicted t the ps3" - jeez, thank you captain ovious :)

also like where the kid gives aay the master plan of playing when dad's at work :P
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