Bike Washing Machine: Pedal Your Clothes Clean

A middle-school student in Guandong province in China figured out a way to run a washing machine without electricity. 

He rigged up a washing machine to a stationary bicycle and pedaled until the clothes were clean. He demonstrated that you can wash your clothes, keep in shape, and protect the environment at the same time.

Link - via twitter

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Marilyn Terrell.

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Mark McKenzie, I'm not surprised this isn't a new idea; I would go so far as to bet that something similar to this was done on Gilligan's Island, as I remember them having some machines hooked up for pedal power. (Yet, somehow, they could never repair the dang boat. Hmmm.)

It is a good idea, though. Having everyone in the family take turns would help them appreciate just how much work there is to do to maintain one's lifestyle.

There's a hand cranked mini washer I've seen on infomercials. Adapting it might be quite workable.
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Seriously, anyone who needs (!) to get healthier could get paid to do this kind of work. (1) It's a motivator. (2) It would use otherwise wasted energy being produced on all the cycles, treadmills, ellipticals, etc. at all the gyms. We'd kill two birds with one stone: energy conservation and health promotion.

While we're at it, this fits in with my model for a bicycle society. (1) Comfortable velomobiles (heat or A/C, sealed cabin). (2) Motivated individuals (and those who need to get healthy, with suitable motivation) to pedal for those who cannot pedal for themselves. Same benefits as above.
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