Amusement Ride Accidents

Who doesn't love going to an amusement park? There is no comparing the thrill you get from such a controlled environment. There is that off chance though that something could go wrong.

The blog below tells, in great details, every amusement ride accident dating back to 1998. There are roller coaster derailments, inflatable bounce castles blowing away with people still inside, and the county fair rides that were just not put together right, it's all there.

I promise that you will be amazed and a little creeped out by how many of these "incidents" occur but you never hear a word.

Link - via suburbanfoodforthought

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I work in the amusment industry and most parks and traveling shows really do stress safety as well as appearance. But just like anything else there are those few who do not care its all about how much can I make and how little can I spend. Most of these types are out of business relatively quickly unfortunately usually only after an accident of some kind injures an innocent patron. As far the ride accident list do note that a large amount of those accidents occur outside of the US where alot of times there is little or no standard of inspection and regulation as there is here on a state and local level. And also note that most of the accidents in the US occur as a result of human error. Whether this is attributed to the customer, operator, or the persons setting the ride up. Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy themselves when they go to a park or fair. but it takes a combined effort of the park or fair employees as well as the patrons heeding the posted regulations for each ride. It has come to the point that everything has to be BIGGER, FASTER, and TALLER than the previous rides and that in itself creates more danger.
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Amusement parks have the responsibility to provide a fun and safe environment for their Guests. Each amusement park has its own set of rules and/or restrictions to help achieve and maintain this safe environment. Amusement parks don't want to have an injured Guest; that is bad publicity and it could seriously damage the park, especially those small companies. In California, each ride is inspected annually by the Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOSH -kind of like OSHA). This inspection includes training paperwork (ride guides, training documents, Ride Op. Observations, and a few more things), as well as Maintenance documentation, including maintenance reports, down time and compliance with manufacturer specifications. In addition, DOSH also conducts a detailed mechanical inspection of each ride in the park, from nuts and bolts to signs and labels. This is a very expensive inspection for the amusement parks, but does help maintain a safe park and operation. Now, Guests also need to take responsibility for their own safety. One of the most common Guest Service calls for ride operations is regarding an upset parent because his/her child, who does not meets the safety requirements, is not allowed to ride. The most common response from parents when explained the safety reasons is "I am riding with him, I'll take responsibility". Most mishaps are due to Guests not following safety rules or standards, and in most cases where the Employee is the injured person, is due to the same reason. I am a Ride Operations Manager and I work with this every day!
Go to the park; we want you to have the best time ever, so please help us provide this great, fun and safe environment by following the safety rules and restrictions each park. Don't ask us to compromise your safety!
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I don't care how safe a rollarcoasters are, I'll never ride something at the fair. I can hear how it all creaks and sometimes sways in the wind. No thank you... I like living!
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I know that amusement rides are safe but doesn't that list just get you. Each entry is more interesting than the next for some reason. I guess its just that whole when something goes wrong since its such a freak accident it's always an interesting story to tell.
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