Pixar's In-Jokes

Jim Hill has a fantastic post about the in-jokes and self-references that appear in Pixar's feature films and shorts. Take, for instance, this beat up Pizza Planet truck to the left. Turns out, the car has been in every single feature film that Pixar Animation Studio has produced to date:

It's the truck that Woody & Buzz stow away in when they're trying to hitch a ride to Pizza Planet in the original "Toy Story."

This is also the vehicle that Buzz "borrows" in "Toy Story 2," when that space ranger is trying to prevent Buzz, Jessie and Bullseye from being sent to that toy museum in Japan.

You can also catch a quick glimpse of the Pizza Planet truck as Gill is explaining his latest escape plan to the Tank Gang.

The Pizza Planet truck also makes an appearance in the Piston Cup sequence of "Cars." You'll find him to the far left in the photo below, next to the RV that looks like Elvis Presley.

Link - via mental_floss and i met a possum

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Another thing of interesting note is that the Pizza Planet truck isn't a Toyota. So as to not encroach on any branding issues, it's a Gyoza pickup with all but the 'yo' unpainted on the tailgate.
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I work in the games industry, and lo0ve pixar films, but I have to guess that quite a few of these in jokes are actually cost cutting which have become in jokes.

I built a comical skull once that went on to feature in 7 games. It was a good skull mind you, but it was there so got used a lot.

Eitherhow Pixar are fabulous.
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