Timeless Household Wisdom

There's a line in one of the Robocop movies, "Don't forget what you already know," or something like that. I may be remembering that wrong BUT check out these very useful kitchen tips from the pages of history, as compiled by Tipnut. For example:

To keep cheese from getting hard, cut off enough for immediate use and spread the remaining portion with a thin film of butter or margarine. Put it in a cool place. This keeps out the air and prevents the cheese from drying out.

Sprinkle pantry shelves, window sills, and door sills with a mixture of red pepper and sage to rid them of ants.

A smooth shiny egg shell is a sign of old age. Fresh eggs have a chalky rough shell

To make peeling hard-cooked eggs easier, butter your thumbs.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by JKirchartz.

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The kind of ants that will not go for sugar or grease can be gotten rid of by putting baking soda on your cabinets and sprinkling a little over the ants.They will leave and never come back.
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None of these work for sugar ants: cloves, red pepper, sage, bay leaves

What works for ants is borax powder mixed with sugar or really powerful and toxic ant poison.

I have never found an earthy-friendly method of getting rid of ants that actually works and I have tried dozens and dozens of things.
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I found an old Héloise book at a garage sale (where I also get my most interesting cook books), and I found a tip that I use at least once a week: When spraying a pan with Pam, open up the dishwasher and hold the pan over the inside of the door. All the excess spray will end up on the inside of the door instead of all over the floor or counters. And it washes off when you run the dishwasher.
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To make a glass of water more refreshing. Add an few ice cubes. :P

I remember some of these things from home economics class. (I am in my mid thirties) But I also grew up conserving and recyling things.

The "recipe" for getting rid of ants was a piece of drinking straw filled with peanut butter that was mixed with boric acid.
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