Endangered Lederhosen?

The 2008 Oktoberfest in Bavaria featured its own "wardrobe malfunction" of sorts, as it's becoming increasingly easy to purchase lederhosen and dirndl dresses throughout Munich at a fraction of the former cost.

Unlike traditional garments, these less-expensive duds are made in China, Eastern Europe, or India, or anywhere that charges less for labor and uses cheaper (and certainly not authentic) fabrics and leather.  In essence, a massive market for cheap, tacky versions of traditional Bavarian attire has popped up region-wide.

Heavily discounted imports have driven prices down so low that many Bavarian tailors have faced bankruptcy.  Today, the number of regional, traditional tailors has been whittled down to fewer than 100 who are still in business.

Are authentic folk costumes worth saving?

via Ashley Thompson, Intelligent Travel

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First of all, I think it's just great that people from all over the world are interested in Lederhosen. Being born and raised in the middle of Bavaria I think Chinese replicas are only an option for tourists comming to Munich once a year. If you live here and participate in the traditional events than you want to make sure to have an original, because
1. everyone can see if its a fake or not
and 2. real Lederhosen are indestructable. When you're grown up, you need a maximum of 2 Lederhosen for the rest of your life.
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A Lederhosen is a Kilt, is a Sarong, is a suit.
(What about traditional Chinese costumes? All made in China these days!)

*If you're so smart, why aren't you wearing Lederhosen?*
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There's a similar issue under debate here in Scotland. You can get a cheap acrylic kilt for about £30, but a real proper wool kilt costs about £300. So a lot of the old traditional kilt shops are being driven out of business by the tourist shops selling the cheap kilts.
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At least the cheaper outfits are bought to be worn, so the image of traditional outfits is being kept alive.
If there were only expensively tailored costumes, hardly anyone would wear them anymore, I suppose.

Es ist die Wirtschaft, Dummkopf!
(It's the economy, stupid!)
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