Oslo's Methane-Powered Buses

Here in pittsburgh we've had buses that run on natural gas for a while now .... BUT these ones out in Oslo run on a different type of 'Natural Gas', the taco-bell type ... Kinda gross but really cool way to power a vehicle, like in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

It is available for free in huge quantities, is not owned by Saudi Arabia and it contributes minimally towards climate change. The latest green fuel might seem like the dream answer to climate crisis, but until recently raw sewage has been seen as a waste disposal problem rather than a power source. Now Norway's capital city is proving that its citizens can contribute to the city's green credentials without even realising it.

Link - via guardian

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by JKirchartz.

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i drive a methane car every day to work! in stockholm sweden there is a handfull of "biogas" stations to get methane gas localy produced, all our city busses are switching to biogas (produced from raw sewage) co2 neutral, better to use it than let it go to waste!

All the big car manufacturer are making methangas car now, god to the local economy and the nature.
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I thought methane's main greenhouse effect was due to it hanging around in the atmosphere, rather than burning it. Although it releases CO2, a lot of this can be controlled through carbon capture.
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