Star Wars: A Musical Journey Set to Launch

If there's one thing Star Wars fans and non-fans can agree on its' that the music for each film, composed and conducted by John Williams, is simply outstanding. The familiar tunes have transcended time to become some of the most recognizable and best scores in the history of cinema.

Lucasfilm and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra have teamed for Star Wars: A Musical Journey which is set to unveil in April at London's O2 arena before blasting off on a European tour. The two hour show features clips from all six films, live narration and orchestration.

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You know, at one time, it was in vogue to dismiss the abilities of John Williams as lite-weight. That he was somehow a lesser composer because he made orchestral music popular again in the 1970s. Because he somehow knew the chords to pull out of his hat to rouse you. Because he told you what emotions to feel at the movies, rather than letting you decide for yourself.

But it's time to simply acknowledge the greatness of John Williams. He has had a remarkably consistent career. He has produced (Raiders, Star Wars, Superman, Schindler's List, Jaws, etc, etc, etc) songs that are as recognizable to our generation as the composers who preceded him, whether they be Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, etc.

Classical music was once popular music. Williams has made it so again, and his contribution to 20th century music is significant.

Just because you are popular does not automatically mean you aren't also talented.
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Good thing I read the rest of the article. At first I was expecting Star Wars: The Musical complete with dancing wookies and an emotional number surrounding the destruction of the death star.
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John Williams has been composing the Same score for movie after movie for almost 35 years.

Tora Tora Tora has the same basic chord progressions as Star Wars or Jurrassic Park. And the same can be said of any of his film scores.

If you want a Decent Film Score Composer look to Maurice Jarre )Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Schivago) who set the standard for "rich and atmospheric orchestral peices of music" long before Lucas got out of film school.

What BS to credit Williams with grand scores. Sounds like the people who somehow think Hendrix invented the Electric Guitar (ps it was Les Paul)
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If it wasn't for Star Wars, movies wouldn't have as rich and atmospheric orchestral peices of music that we have today. We probibly would have the bulk of the ones out today riddled with crappy mainstream music that we already have to suffer through with enough of the time.
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