Hip-Hop Explained

No, not "Hip-Hop Explained to Grandma" (though that would be very interesting) but more like the difference between sub-genres of rap,  like why the Dirty South sounds nothing like East Coast or West Coast and why Dr. Dre is different stylistically than P. Diddy ...

Eric Shafer of Audiotuts explains:

In the realm of popular music, perhaps no genre has been as popular in recent years as hip-hop. However, hip-hop is hardly a new phenomenon, so in this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at its history and try to make sense of it all.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by JKirchartz.

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not a bad article but of course its hard to sum up an entire genre of music in one article. there is a lot missing but for the newbies it's a good start. missed a lot of stuff like sugar hill gang, curtis blow, no mention of dj premier, dougie fresh, PE, MARLEY MARL...hehe that dude started sampling in hip hop. people also think that because hip hop music sounds easy to make that they aren't using musical talent. dr dre actually studies the piano (he's taken one one one lessons from a famous composer) the roots are almost entirely live music and NOT loops and samples, there are other producers like this that don't just loop a sample and beatbox LOL.

remember Hip Hop started from kids in the ghetto, they didn't have pianos and guitars (couldn't afford it) they borrowed record players from their parents or friends, grabbed a mic and got creative. as they got more sophisticated they were able to invest in the drum machines, keyboards and other stuff but for the most part most cats keep a very minimal setup.

Check out Madlib that kid uses a little cheap drum machine and makes fire!
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Hip-hop is what it is. Any effort to define it and break it down always falls shirt. The samples chosen here werent the best examples for the sub-genres they were supposed to define.
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I have no need of an explanation for Hip-hop, I have a radio with an off switch.

Actually, a while ago I found out why radios have tuning dials. It's so when you move house you can find BBC Radio 4 again.
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