Audio Bone Headphones

This. Is. Awesome. I ran into the Audio Bone headphones people at 2009 CES, and was so impressed with their ear-free, bone conductance headphones that I had to carry them in the Neatorama Online Store.

The Audio Bone Headphones deliver superb sound through your bones, directly to your inner ear. It lets you listen to music and, because the headphones do not cover your ears at all, still hear everything around you. This lets me listen to music at home at night while working on the computer but still be able to hear the kids if they happen to wake up.

The headphones are stylish and lightweight - in fact, it's more comfortable than regular headphones and earbuds. And because they don't involve the ear drums, it's also safer for your hearing.

We have 4 different colors of the Audio Bone Headphones, at $179 each. It's a the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a gadget lover. And best of all, you can try Audio Bone risk-free for 30 days. If you don't like 'em, you can return the headphones for a full refund:

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I tried the Bone Fone radio receiver on at work (soft- and hardware mfgs) in 1980, did not believe they would work But AIR the sound was good.
Jittery Jim could always get his money back, it says.
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@Geekaresexy - outi clips to your ears and vibrate. Some people find the vibration neat, others not so much. Alljoy is more in line of what the Audio Bone is, but much bulkier.
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I am an Audiologist in an ENT Dr's office. I appreciated Chet's explanation of how hearing works. He is absolutely correct that there is still potential for hearing loss with this type of headphone.

And Jittery Jim with the single sided hearing would probably be really impressed with this device.
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Alex: There are other companies that manufactures similar products... and they're a lot cheaper.

Outi makes one (about $100) and also AllJoy ($60)..

You might want to check those out :)
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