Italy Bans Foreign Food: Italians Must Eat Italian Food ...

It started in Lucca this week, when the town council banned any new ethnic food outlets from opening within the walls of the medieval city. And it quickly spread to Milan: a ban on ethnic foods, meaning foods that are not Italian.  The Northern League party wants to protect regional specialties from the encroaching popularity of ethnic cuisines, like egg rolls and kebabs.

The Italian Minister of Agriculture, Luca Zaia, applauded the restrictions, saying ethnic restaurants should "stop importing container loads of meat and fish from who knows where" and use only Italian ingredients. Asked if he had ever tried a kebab, Mr. Zaia said no: "I prefer the dishes of my native Veneto.  I even refuse to eat pineapple."

Is it gastronomic racism, or a legitimate attempt to preserve authentic Italian cuisine?

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People, some of you really need to read the article much more closely. This is only partly about using Italian products, the rest is outright xenophobia.

'the council banned any new ethnic food outlets from opening within the ancient city walls'

'The antiimmigrant Northern League party brought in the restrictions “to protect local specialities from the growing popularity of ethnic cuisines”.'

'Luca Zaia, the Minister of Agriculture and a member of the Northern League from the Veneto region, applauded the authorities in Lucca and Milan for cracking down on nonItalian food. “We stand for tradition and the safeguarding of our culture,” he said.'

'Davide Boni, a councillor in Milan for the Northern League, which also opposes the building of mosques in Italian cities, said that kebab shop owners were prepared to work long hours, which was unfair competition.'

Those are all discriminatory, racist remarks.

And btw, eatNrun, you nimrod: "The San Marzano tomato, a staple ingredient of Italian pasta sauces, was a gift from Peru to the Kingdom of Naples in the 18th century." Your precious tomato is from South America. *rolls eyes*
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Sorry I am late....It's the fear of losing Italy to immigrants. Just like America, they love to have immigrants come in and work low wages, (doing the work, Italians won't do) However, they want to maintain a sense of superiority over the immigrants by placing a commercial glass ceiling. They hate to see immigrants with more money than they have, especially the dreaded ones with slanted eyes or brown skin.....That is why, America should shut the door in their faces, when they come to our shores.
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READ THE ACTUAL ARTICLE YOU NIMRODS!!!! As "Bubi" stated they are referring to the foodstalls on the inner city, you can still go to parts of Italy and have a kebob or McDonalds and look like an ignoranus. "Gary" needs to stick to stay outta this conversation, ARABS and PASTA, are you kidding me!?!?!Hey "binc", did you know the tomatoes Italians use ARE FROM Itlay, the San Marzano region (probably teh best in the entire world), they don't need Jersey tomatoes. Obviously you don't eat good/authentic Italian food often, so I understand. "LisaL" perhaps you went to visit Italy in the off-season when basically THE ENTIRE COUNTRY takes vacation, and nobody was there to cook except an Asian, just a thought.
I believe what the government is trying to do is preserve the lifestyle and authenticity of the land, and what better way then to start form the GROUND up , literally. Italian food is probably THEE most popular in the world, and even if you don't know much about history of Rome you certainly know what Lasagna is. How could the country continue to thrive when they cannot support their own citizens and local farmers and fishermen? I love sushi but I wouldn't go to Ireland to order it. All I'm saying is, be more conscious and support the HOMELAND you visit, just as we should support our own American products.
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