650 Million Years in About A Minute

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Our fight against global warming is futile. Nature is going to equalize everything in the end.

Here is a cool animation about plate techtonics before and after our time.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Christophe.

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The Earth is expanding. Biogeography proves that California and Asia were connected aproximately 225 million years ago. My favorite theory is that the Earth operates as a gravity/fusion core. The material it is fusing together would be dark matter, which consists of subatomic particles like mesons, quarks, leptons, etc. Enegry and gravity combine to create elements out of the subatomic particles and the Earth then expands.
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@Mike 3
I do not agree or believe the bible but for a defensive purpose on the bible I would have to say it can go another way. In the bible you are told how earth is in the perspective of God. Because of this you do not know how long a year is for this god. It could be a 100 million years to 1 earth year. So in all the earth can be 4.54 billion earth years old but in the terms of the gods year it could be only a few thousand or 6000 from what you said.
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The earth is 6000 years old, and if you have to have faith that the millions of years theory is correct, its a theory and therefore since you believe it that is your faith and thus your religion! the same as my belief that the earth is 6000 years old. Both of our beliefs are religious. you may think that you are right, but that doesn't make it so, same for me. But think about this where does that leave you in the end. If you are right you and I go to the same place, but if you are wrong?
I think there is too much beauty in this world to leave it to chance. I don't care what you believe and you can think whatever you want, but since you are sharing your beliefs I thought I would share mine.
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I thought the expanding theory was abloished like 70 years ago cause they found out about tectonic plates which would give a answer to the same animal fossils being in africa and america when they are so far apart.
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Oh for god's sake. Enough of this expanding Earth theory. It is FALSE. Anyone who might buy into it is fail. Geology and techtonics are fields of science which are fact, not theory. People have devoted their lives for hundreds of years to the study of the Earth and to try and negate their work is nothing short of insulting. THE EARTH IS NOT EXPANDING.
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