Six Things You Should Know About Minnesota

Think you know Minnesota? The Coen Brothers movie Fargo may make it seem that Minnesotans are yokels, but the truth is, Minnesota is far, far weirder.

Joshua Post Lee of The Black Table explains the things you should know about the Land of 10,000 Lakes - for example:

#1. Minnesota is Trannie Town.

Things seemed to going well that night at the bar. That tall, svelte gal flirting with you has just invited you home. Seems like it's your night until calloused man hands caress you and that Adam's apple suddenly just pops out. This happens a lot in our state.

It's estimated that The Center for Sexual Health at the University of Minnesota (Go U!) does more than half the surgeries nationwide and plenty stick around our Twin Cities.

Minnesota is also home of the International Drag King Extravaganza, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in October 2003 and features many of proud transgender graduates parading around in all of their newfound glory.

In August 2003, a court case, Hare v. State of Minnesota, ruled that gender reassignment surgery is covered under the U Care Minnesota health plan.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by uncleputts.

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Joshua Post Lee here. Sorry for not shutting up. The real pathetic thing is that I cut & pasted an article I wrote years ago. Like Yitzak to Hedwig: "Write a new song!" For Lucas the hell that I was thinking was that our state is just that tolerant. The real deal is that there are a lot of folks that just aren't feeling it gender wise. I'm proud of that. It made my day to pop an offence cherry though defense wins the game.
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Hm. That must be an older post, since Camp Snoopy has been gone for 3 years now? So sad. I randomly still have a point ticket from it.

And, if I remember correctly most of the Post-Its are made out on the east coast. Now, Scotch tape, that's mainly made in Hutchinson, MN. Along w/ the blue Painters tape. WOO TAPE! (the story behind the Scotch name is amusing). I have relatives that work for 3M, so I know too much random trivia.

...though I shouldn't talk. I have more Post-its and tape flags than most offices.
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