Suddenly, 14 Children

A woman gave birth to octuplets in California on Monday. Seven of the babies are breathing on their own, and all are expected to survive. The mother already had six children, the oldest only seven years old!
Although the successful births at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower have received worldwide attention, they also have prompted disapproval from some medical ethicists and fertility specialists, who argue that high-number multiple births endanger the mother and also frequently lead to long-term health and developmental problems for the children.

Under the guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, U.S. doctors normally would not implant more than two embryos at a time in a woman under the age of 35. After that age it is more difficult to become pregnant. The mother of the octuplets is believed to be 33, based on available public records.

Doctors were surprised by the eighth child, as they only knew about seven of them. Link

Not to be awesomely negative but ABC News is reporting that this lady is a single parent that lives with her parents. Good thing she had a litter of new kids!

I honestly don't get why these man-made occurrences are such a 'blessed event'. Children need a certain percentage of their parent's time and effort to develop properly, and with each new litter, that available time becomes smaller and smaller.
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This household will now have 14 children ALL UNDER THE AGE OF SEVEN!

Also this mother is a single mother who lives with her parents. The grandfather will be going BACK TO IRAQ to work as a contractor in order to support all these kids. The house they live in in only two bedrooms.

The doctor who implanted these embryos needs to loose his license to practice for ethics violations.
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We're a newly TTC couple, and I frequent a pregnancy board. I'm not familiar with all of the fertility medications yet, but from what I've been reading there, it sounds like this woman was not being monitored properly w/ her fertility treatments. She was either taking them improperly or just had a crappy doctor who didn't give a crap.

Anyways... Very selfish of this woman to even think about getting pregnant with even one more child when she obviously can't take care of the 6 she already has.
I hope those babies are gonna be ok, and I hope her other kids are going to be ok.

And shame on the doctor who gave her the fertility treatments to begin with (if she got them legally that is).
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Why the heck did she go to a fertility clinic even though she already had 6 kids. Is this an obsession? A fetish? There are crazy cat ladies, is this a crazy baby lady?
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Reminds me of the Duggar family who have a kid every 10 months for some fundamentalist Christian reason. My favorite line I heard was "A vagina is not a clown car!"
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don't worry, she'll get her own lifetime show and corporate sponsorship and never have to lift a finger again. my damned gf makes me watch all those shows (jon and kate + 8, the duggars (the vagina clown car family), there's even a new show with a compilation of families with multiples that don't quite warrent their own shows. it disgusts me that these parents pimp their kids on tv, and that having so many kids glorified. here comes the next batch.
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Having obtained additional insight into this story from these comments, I believe I know her motivation now and hear her singing " More government money, more government money....."
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Actually George You are DEAD WRONG. Reports are the mother has expressed interest in PRIVATE MONEY from a TV show.

Thank you for making this about your pocketbook and not about taking care of children.
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I hope everyone in here who is complaining about her having to many children either chose to adopt or not have children at all. Only way to cut down on overpopulation you know(We could of course commit suicide but y'all welcome to go first, I can wait).
Oh and I hope the family will cope.
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Actually, Lemon, we could start by having some fertility responsibility. Just because you CAN have children and you WANT to have children doesn't mean you SHOULD have children.
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Imagine the possibilities of having more than a dozen children. They could all grow up to be pro athletes and play for the same team. You wouldn't have to worry about which team to cheer for!
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I feel sick just reading about this. How incredibly selfish of this woman. Who paid for the fertility treatments? Who donated the sperm? Let's get the baby daddy to cough up some money.

BTW, all the multiples shows seem to be on TLC, so I wrote TLC asking if they were members of Quiverfull. They never got back to me for some reason. *scratches head sarcastically* I did tell them that I would not be watching their channel ever again. Maybe if enough people write in, they might actually care. Join me?
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each of those children is going to have at least, and i say least, one child probably.
how is this legal?
i always say, if you cant afford yourself, or what you already have, why in the hell are you thinking of bringing more into this world?

and yes lemon, i dont plan to ever have children. and i know if i do, i will adopt, its just selfish otherwise in my eyes.
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Of course she's gonna get her own show. That's all this woman probably saw was the $$ she was going to get for having these babies.

And as for adopting... that's awesome if you want to do it, but don't knock those of us who do want to have a biological child. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting that.
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A woman with six kids under age 8 has no business setting foot in a fertility clinic. The person who put 8 embryos in her uterus and furnished her with fertility drugs should lose their license to practice.
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Maybe she got the idea from the Simpsons. Apu and Manjula had octuplets and it was very funny.

"I can't believe you brought banana bread!" "The woman with one baby had time to make banana bread!"
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I was thinking the same thing as Gauldar--some kind of compulsion, like collecting buttons, except, you know, with infants.

Reminds me of the scene in Raising Arizona when Glenn explains that he and Dot are trying for another baby in their already huge family because "These are getting too big to cuddle."
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Unconscionable. I don't understand the Iraqi aspect. Is the mother a citizen? The doctor should support these kids with his new job at 7-11. Totally irresponsible, totally unsustainable, completely unfair for any child to be exposed to and subjected to this woman.

"Been around the world and found
That only stupid people are breeding
The cretins cloning and feeding......Harvey Danger
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This is one of those situations where you can talk till your blue in the face about how wrong it is, but what are you going to do about it? Take them away? Make people get permission from the government before they can have kids? Submit a financial statement at your first obgyn visit and if you don't meet the standard they abort? Anyone with half a brain knows this isn't "right", but when you have all the freedoms we do you have to expect that the idiots out there are going to do stuff like this. Ihe alternative, I think, would not be an option most of you would like.

You know this really probably is some mentally-deficient girl who got all sappy over those TLC shows and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a huge increase in BIG families in the next ten years overall. Idiocracy is here.
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Oh boy, single mom? whats the bet that she gets a nice fat government handout for having that many kids?
"Look what i can do! Now, give me monnies!"
Meanwhile those of us who act responsible and opt not to have kids, still bear the burden of other people's kids through our taxes. Money for schools, money for child healthcare, money money money...
YAY I get to pay child support for kids that aren't even mine! Thank god I don't smoke, that would piss me off even more (considering how much cigs are taxed).
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Wow, the comments. Sure, it doesn't make much sense for someone to have that many kids, but who are you all to say she shouldn't? And if it came down to preventing this sort of thing from happening, who would make the call on that?

For those who say it's too many kids, has this woman's decision affected your life at all? Is your well being in any way diminished by the lives of those kids? I didn't think so.

Not defending the woman or the docs at all; like JenDiggity said, the alternative to the freedom we enjoy wouldn't be enjoyable.
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Don't ya get it Dave? This is not for the mother...she probably can't read, certainly she doesn't have time if she is taking part in any of her maternal obligations. This is a way to sound out to any other idiot who thinks that what she has done is a good idea. This is a forum to ridicule what is irresponsible behavior. Way back early in this run someone mentioned the population explosion. That's not just a gimmick. If you have read anything about Peak Oil, and you have any ability to extrapolate, we are in deep s*it. If you've read anything written by David Goodstein (Out of Gas) or Richard Heingberg (Power Down) you know that if we don't change our ways, and start taking responsibility for our actions, begin to demand individual accountability...suffice it to say, it's gonna get ugly. There are elderly and sick people who cannot care for themselves because of bad breaks. We have a responsibility to pitch and help them, so we cannot afford any more of these self inflicted welfare recipients.....I mean, if you're asking for my point of view.
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Dave:- Who are we all? We're the rest of society. If you don't like living in a society, go live on your own in a cave. We /do/ all have a vested interest in stopping people behaving like idiots, and we /do/ all have a right to judge and criticise other people. She doesn't have to take any notice, but that doesn't mean we can't think and say it.

I don't know where this "You can't judge me" attitude comes from. Of course I can judge you and anyone else, it's perfectly natural and we all do it. The people who complain about it are often those who are embarrased about something they've done and are busy blustering to cover it up.
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@ Skipweasel, Flagpole: Like I said, I'm not defending her, just defending the right of individuals to make decisions without getting approval from some government bureaucrat. Sure there are some decisions that some people make that you don't like, but in this case it's not as if there's some fad going around where droves of people are having 14 kids. Getting your thong bundled over this one isolated case is about as idiotic as having 14 kids under 5 years of age.

Please don't try to use this one woman's behavioral abnormality to justify Chi-Com-style population control.
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Who cares if she wants to have 59 children! It's her life, and if she wants to have them, let her! Pittsburgh Steelers player James Harrison is one of 14 children and no is complaining about his mother having too many children! Get a life - this is NOT China!
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Who cares if she wants to have 59 children! It's her life, and if she wants to have them, let her! Pittsburgh Steelers player James Harrison is one of 14 children and no one is complaining about his mother having too many children! Get a life - this is NOT China!
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Dave - I clearly said that she /didn't/ have to take any notice. What I was objecting to is the attitude that it's never OK to criticise other people. I'll criticise whoever I want.
You asked "who are we all you say she shouldn't" and I told you.
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I own several rental houses. Whenever I have a change of occupancy I need to have the property inspected to ensure that it is safe and up to code. This, so that I can obtain an occupancy permit and offer it for rent. When the permit is granted it always has a note that the property is limited to a maximum of x amount of people. For my 3 bedroom house the max is six. What if her municipality has similar limits?
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While I don't necessarily approve of people having large families, I don't criticize them either. However, why would someone go to a fertility clinic to have ANY children when she couldn't even support herself?! I understand mistakes happening through normal intercourse, but this is deliberate abuse of a system.

I'm part of the "working poor" with no insurance for my 2 children born in wedlock when financial times were good and we owned our own home. I can barely now pay rent, put food on the table, and would never even consider bringing another life into this household that I can't currently support.
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