Oops! Only American products please!

Buyers for the U.S. Capital visitors center are in a bit of hot water today. They were warned not to buy goods made outside the US, but did it anyway. Now $100,000 worth of souvenirs are sitting in storage, blocked from being sold, and will  probably have to be returned to the manufacturer in China.

Will the Chinese manufacturer take the goods back or will the government be out $100,00? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm all for US made products being sold, but in these finacial times is it really a good idea for the government to waste $100,000 worth of goods, that it is probably already stuck with, because of ideals?      

Washington souvenirs worth $100,000 -- including images of the Capitol dome and printings of the U.S. Constitution -- are locked in storage, blocked from sale in the new U.S. Capitol Visitors Center because the items are made in China.


From the Upcoming Queue, submitted by Tiffany.

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Oh Carbonfish, you and your shades of grey. Don't you know the world's only black and white? And full of commies and heathens dedicated to squashing your ideals? Get with the program.
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WTF?? Communist in the White House? Not in my country there isn't. I am proud and tremendously hopeful now that President Obama is in the White House. For the first time in as long as I can remember (and I am old enough to have a fairly long memory) I truly feel that our President is a representative of the diversity of the United States. Calling the President a Communist is ignorant and malicious. Having a political opinion is not the same thing as irresponsible misrepresentation.

While I think that America needs to produce much more of what we consume right here at home, I am by no means suggesting that we build physical (or ideological) walls around the country and pull out of the world economy.

I was only saying the the Capitol Visitor's Center represents the U.S. Capitol, and that it seems reasonable to me that the cheesy trinkets that they foist off on the souvenir-buying public represent the best American-made cheesy trinkets that we can offer.
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