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Poking around Fangoria's site I stumbled upon something seemingly out of the ordinary - a short film review of an unknown film by an unknown filmmaker.

The short called "The Night Shift" is an adventure/comedy/horror/sci-fi film about a cemetery night watchman whose nightly job is to keep the cemetery's residents from escaping. Citing Fangoria's positive review I gave the 23 minute film a view and thought it was fantastic. It's truly a unique and out of the ordinary concept that makes for a very entertaining film. I hope everyone can set aside 23 minutes and give this wonderful film a chance. You won't regret it.

Meanwhile, I checked out the filmmaker's website (www.fightingowlfilms.com) and learned they're a Mobile, Alabama (where?) based low-budget filmmaking group aspiring to make a feature film. I wish them the best of luck and with a film like "The Night Shift" on their resume I look forward to their future endeavors.

I've posted Part 1 of the film as found on YouTube. Part 2 and 3 are also available as well.

- via fangoriaonline

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Hi there,

I on the other hand believe it sucks with all due respect. The dialogue isn't funny and the scenes drag out to long. No body has the patience for this kind of thing anymore so why are we still making it. I only have patience for Tarantino dialogue but that's because it's good. Although I'm being crude I do admire them being out there and making films like this because that's the only way they will get better, at least these guys have shut their mouths and made something unlike 90% of wannabe filmmakers. They put their camera where their mouth is.

I'll see you all at the silver screen.
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Has anyone here actually seen "Cemetery Man" AND watched this short? They're completely different - this is more like the anti-Cemetery Man. It fits closer in line with what nate described it as: Night at the Museum with a better premise. Really the only things Cemetery Man and the short have in common are that they both take place in a cemetery and center around its caretaker.

Cool movie, though.
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Hooray for Indie filmmakers -- except that they need to learn their stagelines. When covering a scene, it's jarring for two people who're supposed to be talking to each other to be both looking right-to-left in their individual shots. It's the most basic of cinematic grammar, folks. And it's not rocket science. WATCH THOSE STAGELINES! (And while you're at it, watch Dellamorte Dellamore, which is the original title of Cemetery Man).
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