Australian Government Ruled that Identical Twins Aren't Related

This is the sort of thing that only government bureaucracy can come up with: Australian immigration authorities have decided that Rosabelle Glasby couldn't bring her identical twin sister into the country because ... they're not related!

Adopted by different families shortly after their birth in Malaysia, Mrs Glasby and Dorothy Loader were separated for almost 50 years before finally meeting last September.

But now Mrs Glasby, from Margaret River, is facing an uphill battle to be permanently reunited with her twin, who lives in Malaysia. In a letter to Mrs Glasby last month, DIAC state director Paul Farrell explained that despite the circumstances, the present laws meant Ms Loader would not be eligible for family migration.

"Under Migration Law where the legal relationship between a child and his/her birth parents has been severed by adoption, the legal relationship between the child and his/her birth siblings is also severed,'' he said.

"It therefore does not appear that your twin sister would be eligible for a permanent visa under the Family Stream of the Migration Program.''

Mrs Glasby said she was heartbroken that her long-lost twin did not qualify as family. "We're identical twin sisters _ we're the same egg,'' she said. ``Just because we got adopted into different families they say they don't consider us related. It's hard to get anyone more related to me.''

Link - via Arbroath

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I have to admit the picture of Belle & Dorothy used by the Sunday Times in the online article odesn't show how close their looks are but there is no doubt they are identical twins. The Immigration Dept. has its rules to abide by and we realise that but surely there has to be some compassion from Minister Chris Evans. These girls were torn apart by circumstance and they have bonded in a way that even I did not expect. They need to be together and deserve the chance to do so. Only other identical twins will have some idea of how strong these bonds can be. Anyone who wants to help can do so by writing to Senator Chris Evans at PO Box 1322, West Perth WA 6872
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Dear Dan Smith,

I am an identical twin & I can tell you that you would feel very differently if you really did have a twin.

No legalities can seperate twins. Period. The bond of twins runs far deeper than technicalities and paperwork.
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Just mail her all you Identifying material and she can get on a plane and fly to Australia as you.

Sure it's illegal but it would make for an interesting story.
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Australia, like anywhere, can be racist and xenophobic. Ask the Aboriginal's. Generally, it is known as the most multi-culture, multi-race, multi-religion place on Earth.

I dispute the 'neatness' of this and think a better spin would have been that the local Chinese committee claim that this years 'Chinese New Year' was the largest in the world outside China (by the way, I find this hard to believe but it was big and ace)...however THAT is neat.

ps: they look more fraternal than identical.
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Damn right we're xenophobic. All these foreigners should go right back where they came from.

And my great grandparents, who migrated here from the UK, well they should have gone right back to the UK.

And their ancestors, who wandered up to Europe from Africa, well they should have gone right back to Africa.

And their ancestors, who evolved into humans from chimps, well they should have stayed bloody chimps.

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