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If you have any spare funds left over from donating to Sarah MacLaughlin's pet fund, here's another worthwhile charity desperate for help.


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ok - it seems as though its 22 minutes who are shutting it down - ?
that is not proven.
well now, so I'm in Canada and they aired it on the tv already, and now they air it to the web for Americans?
but not for me, who has already sat thru the tv version?!
I'm calling Jian to get to the bottom of this
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It's YouTube. Their tubes are patrolled by stormtroopers. It sucks, but it's kinda funny when they hit their head on a door jamb. Like removing "The Curious Case of Forrest Gump", yet it flourishes on VideoSift to this day.
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@ "The Internet"
ya, I'm getting damn tired of seeing that disclaimer - "not available in my country" eat me. it's ridiculous that so much content and talent and technological wizardry in H-wood comes from Canada, yet the internets are still constrained if you want to watch normal american content... this f-ing clip CAME from f-ing Canada for F-'s sake!!! figure out the f-ing webcast rights!!!
sorry to f so much, but this is ridiculous and my pettest of peeves
ps i saw this on tv a couple weeks ago - it's pretty great - this show is hit and miss on the skits, but when they hit they hit good
pps and if it is cbc or 22mins. saying we can't see it in Canada because its still airing and yet they're selling themselves outside Canada, then the sh*t will surely hit the fan on that
so that begs the questions: a)who else could it be who is determining we can't watch it in Canada?!? and
b) are we in F-ing CHINA now?!?!!?
this is really starting to BUG me...
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This is strange. The clip is from a Canadian programme (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) but according to Youtube I cannot see it from my country, Canada. Bizarre. I suppose the show itself has the rights here.
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