The World Record For Talking Too Much

My friends sometimes say I have a problem with never shutting up. I bet if they met Lluis Colet, they might change their tune. In 2004, Colet was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for longest speech. His 2004 speech lasted 48 hours. Since then, the record was beaten, so Colet won it again, this time by talking for an amazing 124 hours. In the name of all people who talk too much, my hat is off to you Lluis. Via Weird Stuff News

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i could be that recored because i am a motor mouth but in school its hard not to talk beacuse i always get sent to the princeable office but i dont want to enter beacuse my parents will kill me but i dought that butiloved to win money if it containd but if not nahhhhhhh i dont neede it.
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i love the background here=)
well, im trying to find a record to break and i think talking would be a good subject to work with considering i am very talkative, once my friend told me to write a paper on nothing, and instead of just the front or a paper, i wrote a 4 page essay on me and my life and my friends, i was confused of why that was a problem. I talk way too much, which i think you can see while trying to read this whole long paragraph thats supposed to be a stupis little comment like "cool" or "thats awesome" instead its like i am a machine babbaling on. I think that i am going to go now, looking for records to make/beat=) Ttfn. This is AMAZING. I talk allot.Haha.Bye.
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