Death by Caffeine

How many cups of coffee, Diet Cokes or Red Bulls will it take to kill you with its caffeine content?

This website can do the math for you.

Don't miss the disclaimer : "If you actually try this and end up dying after only 140 energy drinks instead of 143, it’s not our fault." 


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I actually did the math one day and as mother hub points out above it's the water which is the most toxic ingredient in almost any caffeine laced drink. The logical result is that one should make sure that the caffeine content is as high as possible to minimize your exposure to all that highly toxic water.
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This is interesting, but time is obviously a factor too. I know (well, strongly believe) I couldn't drink 316 cokes (160 lbs) fast enough. I don't even think I could do 150 Vaults. But 55 max strength No-Doz...sure, if I really wanted. So I'm wondering if they look at this in an instantaneous way. Like if you put the pure caffeine equivalent of those things in a syringe and shot up. Who knows, but like I said, interesting.
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134.4 Excedrin at 128 lbs? I think I'd have died of acute liver failure from the acetaminophen after about 40. Not to mention, 2 Excedrin is enough caffeine to make me sick. Ah, oh well. It's a neat generator.
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