Kids' Letters to Obama

McSweeney's has a fantastic compilation of childrens' letters to Obama. Some of them are so adorably fantastic. It seems to be kids between 5 and 12 mostly. Even if you don't like Obama, you still can appreciate the innocence of their words.

Dear President Obama,

When you are president, don't eat junk food. Junk food makes you fat. Your family shouldn't eat junk food, either, because it is not healthy. Obama, you rock.

Amy Ramirez, age 8
San Francisco

Dear President Obama, Are you going to be pictured on our money? How do you get in the White House? Do you like Abraham Lincoln? Do you have a big backyard? Martin Luther King Jr. had big fans. How many fans do you have? You could help us by giving us food. I am Luis Ramirez. I go to school at Mayberry. I like to play video games.

Luis Ramirez, age 8
Los Angeles

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America Crashes are you sure? Mm for how long… Will the American Dollar be traded in the future?
Passed History Tells us they will Survive they have plan A, B, C.
All it needs is a good idea.
Will Obama Put it all together!
GM -Jobs-Government Own Company -Carbon off Set-Oil companies.
NOW There is an idea. Simple find the demand and supply it.
Or hey, just ask those who control the supply for OIL to pay for a bail out, why not that’s what the car companies are doing to Government.
Oil companies own Governments, Governments around the world have never have incentives to push alternative fuel ideas until now! Because it would create job losses in the oil industry.
The Obama Government already has that and more to come, they need an ace.
Americans always have a plan maybe this is one big big plan.
Obama Administration is owed billions by GM that they may never see again, plus the 50billion it just gave which gives them a 60% stake in the company. What a plan!! And GM needs more billion just to stay alive.
Of course easy lead the world in the first of the best Vehicles that don’t run on oil, electric cars recharging on solar, water being turned into hydro gas on demand using solar etc etc. Techs all there just needed a push, man they got the push alright.
Obama Administration could do this they own 60% of GM, SAVE JOBS, saves the USD trading power, lead in carbon off set. Or will the oil companies that owe so much to the government bail them out so they are still high on the food chain.
HAHA let see? Tic Toc Tic Toc….. crunch on my cracker caviar
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Dear Mr. Obama,

I talked to my dad about the economy and I don't know why George Bush woul want to start that war. I think that since it took away a lot of money from the economy, that is why it is slowing down.

P. S. Great Speech.


(2nd grader)
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Come on people take these for what it's worth: cute and heartwarming!!!

This one is the BEST!!!!!!!!

Dear Barack Obama,

Congrats on becoming the president of the United States and slaughtering John McCain. I think that, unlike W., you should dodge other countries and not shoes. You should not be so quick to go to war and negotiate with terrorists. I like what you said about bringing the troops home from Iraq.

If you like my letter, know that it's from

D'andre "the King" Legrand, age 12
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The kids are def. smarter than we give them credit. I wish that I had been as excited about the new president when I was 12.

Plus they have some good advice to give to the new president and they're excited... what could be so wrong about that?
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