Forget Conversation Hearts - Try Bittersweets

I'm not one of those people that absolutely loathes Valentine's Day, but it's definitely low on my list of favorite holidays. I'm pretty sure Labor Day would make the list first. However, I love conversation hearts (mmm, flavored chalk!) and I'm a pretty sarcastic person, so I would be delighted to receive these on the 14th. I'm partial to "U Left Seat Up".

Link via Slashfood

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Duncecap next labor day when you go out to eat take a look at your servers and ask them why "they" have to work since it's a Holiday. Happy labor day fast food employees now get back to your thankless jobs.

I can't stand those candies, it's sweetart hearts all the way for me.
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I'm wondering if you are saying that Labor day is garbage? If so I would like point out the sheer stupidity of that sentiment.

If in fact you are complaining about labor day then you are in support of: No days off for anyone without wealth. At risk children used as expendable machine components. Wage slavery. No minimum wage. No workers comp. No unemployment insurance. No workplace safety. etc

People died by horrible means in order to bring parity into our industrial reality please don't piss on their memory by cheapening the holiday and the rights they earned for all of us.

Next time you get bored on a day off give a modicum of respect to the people your standing on the shoulders of as they were willing do more for you as a stranger than you can possibly ever pay back.
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