This Russian mashup entitled Embyo follows the development of a baby inside the womb, interspersed with TV and film clips showing the history of mankind. Link -Thanks, AJ!

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AJ, nice try, but that wasn't exactly a complex emotional message. That was an animated inspirational poster. And not a very good one.

The problem is that anyone can piece something like that together. Queston is, should they? I applaud the good ones; this wasn't one of them.
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I agree Ted. I have no stomach for any message -- web videos, motion pictures, you name it -- that last longer than a TV commercial. If a person can't condense a complex emotional message into a 30 second sound byte, they deserve to see the back of my hand flicking them out of my peripheral vision.
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Hah apparently. And I honestly wish this AnUnSi person would go spout their drivel at some pro lifer forum rather than here, this is the second (maybe even third or more who knows) time she/he goes off about abortion on neatorama.

AnUnSi, if you're so concerned about abortions, just don't freaking get them. Leave everyone else to their own decision, as horrible as that must sound to you. If I want to get one, I WILL DO SO. There's not a damn thing you can do stop me from doing what I think is fair enough, unless you tried to bomb the abortion clinic I went to, which would make You the real killer. Anyways, keep your blasted opinion away from my uterus, it has NOTHING to do with you and will never even affect you.

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The whole concept just seems like a big cliché, dragged out for several agonizing, copyright-infringing minutes.

A picture used to be worth a thousand words. Now, they have to bash us over the head with a thousand pictures for one short phrase. Have we grown that collectively stupid?
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