Close Quarters

While the thought of living in a 3 x 3 x 3 meter space does not sound very appealing, designer Christian Precht makes it look rather comfortable with his OrganiCube concept.

The conceptual nine square metre apartment is made of Corian and comprises facilities for living, sleeping, working and bathing.

OrganiCube explores the creative potential of the material world on the one hand and a study of living in a limited space on the other hand.


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Soul numbing is the perfect word to describe this, Elagie.

I've lived in a small space before and could do without never living in one again, but if I had to do it, it wouldn't be like this.
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Doesn't do anything for me -- seems like a person would have to conform to the sculptural design rather than the room being reflective of needs of the human being living (or perhaps just existing) in it. Feels soul-numbing to me. I could live in a much smaller space and make it far more homey and welcoming. (And Corian?? Why? I can imagine someone cracking their skull when the surface mists over with condensation from the shower.)
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I'm guessing the toilet would be installed in the shower. It might be neat if your in a dorm or something like that. I hope the guy improves on it, with how wire, pipes, and vents fit in that thing.
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